18 March, 2009

Belgium still exists

It's been a while that I've been here. In the meantime I got a year older and have more problems with some of my joints, including my spine. What's so weird about practicing rock'n'roll on saturday noon? My knee was not in the mood... it bent unexpectedly the other way than the usual.

Belgium has got the new Prime Minister, who managed to create the governement in 2 (two!) days. And it still goes fine. It's not like with Guy any more, the secure political and economical situation, but... het gaat.

The weather is finally so much better!!!! It's still very cold, but the sun has been shining since three days. Wonderfull!!!!!! However the winter this year is longer and few degrees colder than any other winter during the last 20 years. Yes, of course it's the global warming. What else?! George Clooney. Eh... Nescafé!

We've just had a power failure for the whole 1,5h!! Terrible. All the neighbours came out on the street and discussed the fatal situation. After a long while nobody found any solution so we went home. And the power came back. I have gas. I have no problem.