06 June, 2008

One surprised Smurf

This Belgian Smurf is now helping Unicef to help children. However he's not happy about the weather. Lucky for him he doesn't have to sleep in a mushroomhouse.
Few months ago The Smurfs celebrated their 50th birthday and there was a big event in Ghent (Belgium). One could buy such a white/blank Smurf, decorate it and admit for a competition. After a month after launching them in Belgium and in the Netherlands, 29milion Smurfs were sold!! All the money was collected in favour of Unicef. Nice. This one lives now with us.
I never knew that The Smurfs are belgian. They were drawn by a nice man, cartoonist and illustrator Peyo. Do you know how big they are?


noricum said...

They are three apples tall... but they never specified what kind of apples. ;)

La Pomme said...

Three of me tall??? Ahhhh! Giant smurfs!!!

Hi, Oliwia. I always thought Smurfs were blue...

Happy Monday!


odd said...

Hello LaPomme,
Nice to see you here. I haven't been here myself for a while... was not in the mood... And you're right The Smurfs are Blue & White. This one is to be decorated by yourself. Yours could be all stitched ... :)))