03 December, 2007

Cherry Indulgence

Mmmhh.... Cake with Cherries has become my new hit!! I've put it again here (I wrote about this cake on my other blog) as I just can't get enough of it. Replacing the custard sugar with rough brown sugar (that's a hint!!) changed the colour of the dough into this nice caramel, yellowy beige which brings up the dark cherries so well....mmmh!!!

02 December, 2007


The governemental crisis was almost solved yesterday, and today the solution of the conflict between the parties is again out of reach. At the end no one knows wheather it is between the french- and the flemishspeaking parties or within the flemish coalition parties...? One big mess. It seems as if no party cannot agree with any party. I think it's the biggest crisis in Belgian parlament history so far. Any way the longest - 175days.

Mr Leterme, who has been negotiating so far, resigned yesterday, gave up, droped his weapons. And that's for the second time already. It doesn't surprise me. It must be extremely tiring and dissappointing. In this case I'm really pleased that the polish governement was formed within two weeks after the elections, with Mr Tusk on top, as the Prime Minister. Now the president from the opposit party sits there on top lonely, ha ha... and has to do it without the support of his twin brother.

Anyway I have other work to do. It's raining like hell today. Perfect for staying at home. And we are about to start a new firm, or at least look for new clients as we change our strategy and working profile. A lot of image collecting for the new portfolio...