30 November, 2007

Still no governement. Now, when the frenchspeaking and the flemishspeaking parties reached an agreement concerning the reforms of the state, there is a conflict within the flemish coalition parties. Guys, it will never get solved like this!!!

Yesterday some weird research came up with the conclusion that the roads in Flanders are in a very bad condition. I laughed!!! These people should go to eastern Europe...

Today P stayes at home so we will have fun :-S. Hopefully my daily schedule will not suffer from any unexpected changes. I have to finish my lovely yellow handbag.

21 November, 2007

I wanted to describe here the "weird" things about living in Belgium. I really thought that I was able to do it, but now it seems more difficult then I thought. There are not that many strange things in my opinion. I'm wondering wheather I integrated so well or it is the life in my country that evoluted the same direction ??

If there were more comments or questions under my posts that would give me more ideas to write about and would help...

15 November, 2007

Contacts with nature

The weather has been beautiful the last few days, very cold but sunny and dry. I went for a walk yesterday and today...but people looked at me very strange, like "what is she doing? walking? by foot????"

Imagine, you feel ok, go for a walk, along the road to the center of the town, there is a pavement, even a bike path, ok it is cold, and people pass by in their cars and look at you like at an alien, turning their heads as they go forward. Pff!?? There is a pavement, not that I disturb the traffic; the weather is more then fine, not that I'm walking in the rain; I'm dressed normal, as far as my judgment can tell, so what's the problem??

It happened already many times and my only conclusion is that it can be two things. One is that it is not normal to go for a walk on a weekday, apparently. Its' Flanders - I should be working. I know I should be working, but if I have time and the weather is great I want to take adventage of it. Or the other thinhg is that even if I'm busy with work, like going to the bank, w
hy don't I take a car, it's faster?!! Today I went by foot to the bookkeeper, because it's better then fitness. Usually I manage to make friends with the local animal polulation standing and grazing on the fields: some horses that approach me as I pass by (very beautiful and intelligent animals), or donkeys that show their feelings very loud, they also approach. And yesterday some two big grey domestic ducks were trying very much to explain me something, both of them came to the fence as I stoped to watch them, and were kwaking with all the power, sometimes to me and at the moments to each other, but unfortunately I didn't get the message. Then there was a small ugly, an unidentified race, dog barking at me like hell!! I told him that I was already going, of course. He was very angry... Next there is a new house being built and there were some workers busy with building. As I came closer, the chatting, calling, whispering, and dirty joking started!! Yes, that was to be expected!! But they didn't approach the fence, lucky.

Nature!! Fascinating!! If I had taken the car I would have missed all that...

14 November, 2007

157 days leter...

The King is worried. Despite the fact that he has no executive power, still he came back from his holidays to talk to the leaders of the winning parties. Now he is the "formateur", the negotiator...? The political situation up side down. Head over hills. There even no legislation, no special accurate laws to organize the new elections in such a crisis situation. So, even that's impossible.

The ex-Prime Minister, Guy Verhofdstat, wants to pack his desk and go home. He's got other job offers, as he prooved to be a great man of the state. The last eight years new not many difficulties that were not solved. But Guy is not allowed to go home. Not yet. So, he sits there in his tower with no power. And that rhymes.... It's been over 5 months that the belgian economy has been abandoned, no one takes care of it. And the politicians are better and better in saying NO to each other.

The would-be-Prime Minister, Yves Leterme, is about to burry his carreer, as he has failed. He has not been able to create his governement, he's getting negative opinions, bad critics and I don't think he will be ever able and allowed to come back to the top. And it looked so good for him when his party, CD&V won the last elections.... The sun has come down.

So far, no solution. and in the meantime the so called Committe for the Language Action (TaalActieComité), organizes controversive actions. Which means that they gather at night in double-language comunities and remove/cover the french versions of the oficial names (street, institutions, etc...), as they claim that these are the dutch-speaking areas. Pfff! And the mair comes to look at it, and grabs his head in disbelieve, and the police comes to talk to the committe, to calm the action down and the televison comes to show it all and hit up the situation even more... pff... we"ll see.

11 November, 2007

Sunday Blues

What is typical about the sundays in belgium?

First of all: croissants. The man of the house will get them at the local bakery early in the morning. They see it as their mission and they think "I do take care of my family and the household" :))

Second of all: the tv live show called De Zevende Dag (The Seventh Day), which invites all kinds of guests before noon to talk about the most recent news in the country. It starts with politics, especially the last few weeks, as the crisis has never been that seriuos and the solution that far away. There are also other guest like writers to talk about their latest books, singers, actors... I think it's a very good program and it cannot be compared with any american evening chatshow.

Third of all:... what else makes the sundays here so flemish?? The rain. The walking groups, and more and more the nordic-walking groups....hm....and many other things like visiting your family, making a big proper lunch including a dessert (just because you have time for it), a general laziness - cocooning, your hobbies, just like anywhere else in the world, I guess.

... oh, no, the sun has just shined, for a minute, in between the clouds... :)

10 November, 2007

And now?!?!!

Will the country fall apart or not??

The Flemish politicians organized the voting for splitting Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde (where the frenchspeaking politicians would loose power), but the frenchspeaking politicians left the building. Those who stayed voted anyway. And that means WAR! The
frenchspeaking politicians feel excluded from the politics, angry and pushed away.

I have a feeling that at the moment none of the parties will compromise. Not on the important issues. So, where doas it lead to? Who knows.

07 November, 2007

Political crisis

Now it is offical: the politicians themselves announced a political crisis in Belgium.

The negotiations yesterday ended up with a fiasco. No agreement. The biggest problem seems to be a spliting of an electoral B-H-V (Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde), flamish communities (Brussels partly) with many frenchspeaking inhabitants. The Flemish politicians to split it for the sake of the oficial use of the flemish language, the Walloon politicians do not, because of the votes loss.

They are not getting anywhere like that. It starts becoming an national problem. And I thought that the Polish politics was a problem...

05 November, 2007

147 days

It's been already 147 days of Belgium without the government. The situation seems dramatic, although I didn't notice anyone on the streets or in the shops really panicking. The Flemish don't care, they wouldn't mind the separation. They've been always fighting for the right of speaking flemish. And now they are fed up with the fact that a very big part of their tax money go to Wallony, where people do not work as much (so it is said).

The Walloons are worried about the separation due to the money loss, which is about 6mln euro per year. And one can say it is modern times, countries come and go, even Mr. Havel says "Just separate. It's easy!". However there's one small problem here: Brussels. Both parts want it and it lays exactly on the language border. Tsjechoslovakian separation cannot be used here as an example.

The negotiations between the politicians and the parties go on, the situation doesn't seem to approach any solution and it's got so complicated that even Kosovo decided to watch Belgium for a while and see how this problem gets solved around here, in a very european country, before they continue fighting for souverenity. Straf da!!